Patricia Moreno Jazz Singer News
 Austro-Venezuelan influences

Patricia Moreno is a Vienna-based singer with roots in Austria and Venezuela. Born in Austria, she grew up in a family of musicians and has been influenced by European and Latin American cultures and music styles, ranging from Classical and Popular music to Latin and Jazz. In her childhood years she already started to prepare for a career as a classical violinist but made a change of plans at age 17. She broke off her violin studies at the Conservatory of the city of Vienna to persue a career as a professional vocalist.

Jazz & Popular Music Studies in Austria and Abroad

She studied Vocal Jazz at the Conservatory MUK in Vienna and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, she did her Master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy for Jazz and Popular Music at the University for Music and performing Arts in Vienna. Her studies abroad finally took her to the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, she discovered new ways of improvising and expressing herself vocally, both, as a soloist and as a member in vocal ensembles under the guidance of experienced improvisers such as Joey Blake, Bob Stoloff, Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon and Hal Crook .

Concerts and cooperations with other artists

Patricia has been recording and performing music from Venezuela and other Latinamerican countries as well as popular music styles and Jazz with internationally acclaimed musicians such as Jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin, Joey Blake, Alegre Correa, Wolfgang Puschnig and Markus Schirmer.

In Austria she performed at venues such as Konzerthaus Wien, Musikverein Wien and the European Music Council. Internationally, she toured as a soloist in Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, England, North Korea, Venezuela and the U.S. She has been performing with varying musical formations that range from Duo, Quartet and Big Band to Symphonic Orchestra.

Prizes and Awards

2004  2. Prize for Solo Performance Voice at the international “Music Spring Festival” in Pyongyang, North Korea

2005 she was elected one of the “Top 5 singers of the month June” by SingerUniverse in Los Angeles

2008 Winner of the Marianne Mendt Jazz Youth Foundation

2010 Winner of the BEST – Scholarship at  Berklee College of Music, Boston

2011 Winner of the Bobby McFerrin Audition at Berklee College of Music Boston

2014 Winner of the SYLFF Scholarship by the Tokyo Foundation